Trimming & Pruning

Did you know that tree pruning increases the life expectancy of a tree and reduces the chances of branch and whole tree failure? Tree pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure and can be extremely beneficial. Because it is so common its importance can be overlooked. In a forested environment trees grow nicely with only Mother nature’s pruning. But trees in urban environments like NY and Long Island require more care and attention. Periodic pruning and trimming is essential for these urban trees. Pruning is necessary to maintain structural integrity and improve aesthetics and must be done by an individual that understands the biology and physiology of a tree. Improper pruning procedures can create lasting damage and shorten the tree’s life expectancy. Each cut that is made has the potential to change the growth pattern of the tree and just a single mistake can ruin the entire tree. General tree service is dedicated to providing proper pruning. First and foremost we will always keep the trees health in mind. Prior to pruning, the arborist will examine the crown of the tree and identify which branches need to be removed. While pruning to meet the trees current needs we will also keep the trees future growth in mind. We understand how trees grow and what influences their growth patterns so we are able to redirect future growth the direction We want it to go. Pruning or trimming trees is both an art and a science.  Whereas there may be as many reasons to prune a tree as there are trees, the essential issue is that there is a purpose to prune We have years of experience in maintaining and Pruning all types of trees Our staff understands the tree care business thoroughly and can recommend the best option for you. General tree  is the Company which focus on the following services:Our experienced climbers are experts in removing dead wood, and creating a healthy growing environment for your trees. This discourages pest from housing in the canopy of your trees. We are here to help you develop properly and let in valuable sunlight while providing shade and wind protection.